If You Can Make It, We Can Help You Sell It!

Over the years we have produced hundreds of wooden retail display designs, including:

Apparel & Clothing Displays
Beer Display Shelving
Beverage Display Racks
Book Promotional Displays
Bread POP Shelving
Brochure Racks
Candy Countertop Display Units
CD & DVD Display Racks
Cigar Promotional Wood Displays
Clothing Floor Stands
Cosmetics Point of Sale Displays
Gift Retail Displays
Greeting Card Display Racks
Jewelry Display Cases
Liquor Endcap Promotional Displays
Person Care Products Packaging and
Stationary Packaging and Displays
Wooden Literature Stands
Wood Merchandise Displays
Poster Custom Containers
Snack In-store Merchandising Units
…and much more

We (design and) build it all

For more than two decades, Coastal Woodworks & Display has been helping companies get their products selling with beautiful and effective retail store displays, product packaging and display fixtures.

Coastal Woodworks & Display is a trusted resource for store display fixtures including wooden display shelves, product display shelves and clothes racks for retail environments. Don’t see the type of display you’re looking for? No problem. We’ve designed everything from bread racks to footwear displays to sporting goods retail displays that are compelling, easy to stock and easy to shop.

Beverage display cases are a specialty of the house. Coastal Woodworks & Display is a trusted resource for beverage retailers, who rely on us for wine display racks, liquor display shelves and liquor packaging that stands out in a retail environment.

Counter displays that get noticed. At Coastal Woodworks & Display, we design countertop display units that grab the eye of the all important impulse buyer, while lending an appeal that cardboard or plastic displays just can’t equal. candy displays, lip balm, hand and sun tan lotion displays, and all bath and body products companies are big users of our counter displays.

Contact us today to find out how when it comes to wooden retail display cases and product display shelves, Coastal Woodworks & Display is the natural choice!

Wooden Beverage Displays